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Why Liverpool’s Title Hopes Virtually Died In Our Arms Last Night

Advice To Mo Salah: You Deserve A Pay Rise, But Loving Your Football Is More Important

A Message of Gratitude to the LFC Family, and to Subscribers

How VAR Has Changed Perceptions of Justice in Football

Gaslit By Opaque and Shady PGMOL Who Make Up Surreal Excuses To Hide Mistakes

Liverpool's Super-High-Risk/High-Reward Football Is Futurist and Cutting Edge

Giant Mings Falls Face-First Into Salah, and Still Salah Is Criticised

Excerpts From The Bumper TTT Post-Villa Roundup

Anatomy of Jota’s Misunderstood Miss Against Wolves

The DNA of Liverpool Goals

Revisiting My Assessment Liverpool's Credentials Made After Just 3 Games of 2021/22

A Detailed Analysis of Liverpool's Victory Over Wolves

Diving, Snarling, Fouling Toffees Routed in Empty Stadium

The Tomkins Times’ Tribute to Ray Kennedy

Excerpt From "Memory Lane: 1987 Liverpool, 2021 Liverpool, and A Life In Between"

Liverpool's High-Risk/High-Reward Chaos-ball

Quick Thoughts on Tyler Morton and Liverpool's Kids

Black Friday: “Perched: Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool FC – Champions Of Everything”

Liverpool Now Absolutely Control xG – Best-Ever Figures

Doesn't This Sound Like the Ideal Potential Liverpool Striker?

If Barcelona Think They Can Afford Salah, Then Stoke City Can Afford Lionel Messi

Scouting Jude Bellingham – An Ideal Number 8 for Liverpool? (Apart From the Likely Cost?)

New Newsletter Format: The Tomkins (Mostly) Daily

Huge Change At Liverpool – But Michael Edwards Leaves His Hand-Picked Legacy With Julian Ward

Liverpool Continue To Show the Value of Not Signing New Players

Magical Thinking, and the Total Reality Divergence Between Liverpool and Man United

Why We Should Be Grateful For FSG In Age of Sportswashing

Egosystems and Main-Man Syndrome

How LFC “Judo-Move” Fouls on Van Dijk and Matip Into Goals, Goals, Goals

Liverpool’s Successful Summer

Bonus Freebie: FIFTEEN New Players For Liverpool

Total Madness At Barça and Inter Show Why FSG Are Running Liverpool Properly

Transfers: Enjoy the Exciting Potential of New Signings, But Don’t Obsess About Them

Rumblings of Messi Discontent & The Terrific Trident

Media Controversy Magnets & England Wanting Tractors Not Ferraris!

How the Autopsy of LFC’s Black Swans Became a Celebration of Overcoming the Odds

Leaping to Victory and a Moment That Transcended Football

Free Friday, May 7th 2021

No Radical Rebuilding Required At Liverpool

The Most Dangerous Penalty-Box Premier League Players (and Winning Penalties)

A Quick Guide To Liverpool’s “Crisis” – Wake Up To The Facts

The Biggest Issue Facing Liverpool FC

The Mother of All Black Swans (Redux)

Startling Story-Telling Set-Piece Stats and More

Some Additional Thoughts On Monday's Big Read On TTT

The Craziest of Crazy Seasons Continues

Liverpool Are Back! (Apart From All The Players Who Are Not)

Funky Spells, Crisis Narratives & Lady Luck on Botox!

Some Quick Thoughts On Sunday's Big Clash

Thompson Getting Terry’s Number and Gerry Will Never Walk Alone

What’s Going Wrong At Liverpool?