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Liverpool vs. Leicester City: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

TTT Free Friday: Mr Optimistic, Rolls Royce Midfielders and Shiny New Signings

Leicester City (Anfield) - Match Preview & Discussion Thread (30 Dec)

Media roundup 27th Dec: Gakpo, Villa Beaten, Núñez Praise, and More Gakpo

Cody Gakpo Makes Total Sense For Liverpool's Total Football

Aston Villa vs. Liverpool: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

What’s In The Box? Liverpool Need Christmas Miracles To Win Penalties – Years of Shocking Data

Aston Villa (Villa Park) - Match Preview & Discussion Thread (26 Dec)

Manchester City vs. Liverpool: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

Liverpool FC News, Media and Transfer Roundup – 22nd December

There Are Always More Great Players: Do LFC Need Generation-Defining Stars?

Manchester City (Etihad) League Cup Last 16 Match Preview & Discussion Thread (22 Dec)

TTT Free Friday: Gruelling Training Sessions and Hypocritical Commentary

Analysis: Liverpool Get Better Value in the January Transfer Window vs Summer Window

Liverpool FC News, Media and Transfer Roundup – 8th Dec 2022

THREAD: LFC Friendlies, World Cup Exits, Diaz Injury, Youngsters, and Transfer Talk

TTT Free Friday: 9th December 2022

Liverpool FC News, Opinion and Transfer roundup – 8th Dec 2022

Why Jude Bellingham Should Sign For Liverpool

Ping-Ping Passes

TTT Free Friday: 2nd December 2022

DEBATE: European Super League: Dead, Or To Be Revived?

A Reminder of Simpler, Joyous Times for Liverpool FC

Bumper 10-Day Liverpool FC Media Roundup - 29th November

TTT Free Friday: 25th November 2022

Multiple Resignations – Liverpool FC Currently Feels Chaotic

Should We Stay or Should We Go? TTT Reacts to Potential LFC Sale

DEBATE: Liverpool Ownership

TTT Free Friday – 18th November 2022

Dickheads and Lost Boys, Old Dogs and Egotists, Smart Buys and Starmen

Premier League Players at the World Cup, and World Cup Discussion Thread

Analysing The Best Goalkeeper in the World - Alisson Becker

TTT Free Friday - 11th November

Liverpool vs. Southampton: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

Southampton (Anfield) - Match Preview & Discussion Thread (12 Nov)

Expert Views on FSG's Potential Sale of Liverpool FC – Deep Dives

Derby County (Anfield) - Match Preview & Discussion Thread (Nov 9)

The Weekly Debate – Discussion Thread w/c 7th November 2022

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

TTT Free Friday - 4th November

Tottenham (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) - Match Preview & Discussion Thread (6 Nov)

Liverpool vs. Napoli: Post-Match Analysis

Deep Dive Diagnosis: Assessing Liverpool FC, and Where They Go From Here

Napoli (Anfield) - Match Preview and Discussion Thread (1 Nov)

Liverpool vs. Leeds United: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

TTT Free Friday (Returns!) – 28th October 2022

Leeds Utd (Anfield) - Match Preview and Discussion Thread (29 Oct)

Ajax vs. Liverpool: Post-Match Analysis

Deep Dive on Darwin Núñez

Ajax (Johan Cruyff Arena) - Match Preview and Discussion Thread (26 Oct)

Nottingham Forest vs. Liverpool: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

Nottingham Forest (City Ground) - Match Preview and Discussion Thread (Oct 22)

Watching Darwin Núñez Firing in the Flesh

Liverpool vs. West Ham: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

VAR investigation – Not "LiVARpool"

We Choose To Go To the Moon

West Ham (Anfield) - Match Preview and Discussion Thread (Oct 19)

Liverpool vs. Manchester City: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

Man City (Anfield) – Match Preview and Discussion Thread (Oct 16th)

Rangers vs. Liverpool: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

Analysis of Liverpool’s Slow Starts and Defensive Numbers

We've Lost Our Ability To Handle Setbacks and It's Driving Us Insane

Rangers (Ibrox) - Match Preview and Discussion Thread (CL Matchday 4)

Arsenal vs. Liverpool: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

Arsenal (A) – Match Preview and Discussion Thread (Matchweek 10)

Liverpool 2-0 Rangers: *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis

Slow Old Men: How To Speed Up Liverpool's Season

Luis Díaz Analysis - Liverpool Are Not Missing Sadio Mané

Rangers (Anfield) - Match Preview and Discussion Thread (CL Matchday 3)

*Bumper* Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 3-3 Brighton


Evidence That Liverpool Do Not Miss Sadio Mané

Brighton (Anfield) – Match Preview and Discussion Thread (Matchweek 9)

Who Are The Most Expensive Teams So Far This Season? Ranked 1st-20th


LFC U21, Youth Team and Players on Loan

Liverpool FC – Discussion Thread

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Van Der Vaart Blinded By His Dumb Brain-Fart As Reds Beat Ajax

Is Jürgen Klopp the New Mourinho?

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Ajax Be Warned: Liverpool Have Time To Prepare, and Score To Settle

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TTT Relaunch On Substack – The Plans, The Timings, and a Napoli Inquest Thrown In

DIFFICULT AUTUMN AHEAD! – But This Is How Liverpool Can Turn Season Around

Fixing Liverpool's Problems: A Simple Guide

Book Excerpt: ‘Mediocre’ van Dijk after Injury Back To His Best

People Always Fail To Even Notice Liverpool’s Greatest Strength

Liverpool Cannot Score Goals, Beat Good Teams, Or Do Anything At All. Liverpool Are Rubbish.

“This Red Planet” – Paul Tomkins’ New Liverpool FC Book OUT NOW!

Darwin Núñez On Track To Be World-Class Striker

With This Approach, Liverpool Won't Win the League

Tall Teams, Short-Arse Sides and A Weird Summer of Transfers

Liverpool FC Know Nothing About Transfers!

Núñez and Others: Liverpool Rebuild Gathers Literal Pace; Opponents Beware of New Powers

My New Liverpool FC Book – UPDATE and TTT SITE NEWS

The Cynic Never Fails, Never Cries, As He Never Loves, Never Tries

The Secret Way For Liverpool To Defeat £1.5billion Real Madrid

Finest of Teams – Klopp’s Liverpool – Lose Title By Finest Of Margins

Liverpool Climbing Everest In Casual Clothing

Liverpool’s Secret Plan From The Summer of 2021 To End 2021/22 on Fire

The Start of Liverpool’s Future? Liverpool Outplay City In Huge Semi

Quadruples Are For Whisky – My Day at the Watford Match

Jürgen Klopp Discusses My Recent Piece About Mo Salah

Incredible Mo Salah Stats That Suggest Something Is Very, Very Wrong

News: My New Liverpool FC Book – Special Subscriber Edition Preorder

Liverpool Lift Another Trophy – This Team Are Serial Winners

Title Race Is Now Close Enough To Be Officially “Back On”

Liverpool’s New Era Begins in 2022: Evolution Under Way

Diaz Delight! Liverpool Sign A Potential World-Beater. Again.

Liverpool, Shocking Penalty and VAR Facts Don’t Fit Hysterical Media Narrative

Worried About Salah Leaving? Worry No More!

Sly Statistical Contortions To Pretend City Aren’t Way Richer Than Liverpool

Liverpool FC’s “FSG Boy” – My Life As A Shameless Apologist

Absence of Gini Wijnaldum is a Red Herring For Liverpool